A bit about me…


I’m Phil.  I’m in my late 30’s (yeah, I know, old right?!) married, with two smashing kids!  This blog is for me to express my thoughts on life, love and the universe….

What I would say, is that I don’t by any means have it all together!  Tempting as it may be to show off, what I’m actually trying to do here is to be honest!

In the last year or so I’ve been through hell and back, the lessons that I have learned, and continue to learn are why I write this blog. To share my pains and joys as I daily appreciate more of what life has to offer.

Hope you enjoy reading, to get all of my posts you can either subscribe or follow me @filipjaimes

If you have any feedback, I’d welcome your input!



3 thoughts on “A bit about me…

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      Thanks for the encouragement, Mum!

      Love you,



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