Tigguo Cobuac – Nottingham, City of Caves

Paved with white stone edifice
The modern city stands sublime
The slabs of square and dome stand proud
Imposing limestone skyline
Forms the Queen of Midlands’ crown

Architecture neo-classic
Defines the city we all love
But there’s so much more to Nottingham
Than what exists above!

Tigguo Cobuac
The City made of Caves
A labyrinthine network
Of subterranean space

Beer cellar and tannery
Preserved in sandstone rock
Our excavations stalagmite
Reach down, uncover treasure
Their secrets locked so stalactite
Have scarcely to be measured

A steady drip of passing time
From cave-dweller to Viking mine
Each dark Victorian hostelry
Who carved their place in history
Forgotten streets whose names remain

Old Drury Hill thro’ cobbled streets
Thread paths which looked like “Ripper’s”
Those tiny houses in whom lived
A thousand little nippers

Relegated to history
By council regulation
The winding streets of yesteryear
Now, concrete conurbation

Phil Deakin 2015 ©

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