Why Mourn for Paris?


You have to bear in mind that for anyone under the age of 20, war in Iraq/Afghanistan and civil war in Syria/Lebanon has been going on for so long that it has stopped being news.

Car bombs happen in Iraq every day, but when it comes to a Western city, one just one hour from our own capital, of course we sit up and take notice! It’s natural.

It’s not prejudice, it is fact that the closer the threat is to my own way of life, the more strongly I consider the threat.

People in Japan are still (literally) dealing with the fallout from the tsunami. It’s not that we’ve stopped caring it’s just that that news is no longer new!

As an Englishman I stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in France and I will sing La Marseillaise proudly tomorrow night as they play at Wembley!

Not because I am French but because I am human. When my brother grieves, I grieve.

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