Love Your Enemies

How do I respond
To the news I heard today
When gunmen shoot indiscriminately
To take innocent lives away?

How can we protect
Our citizens from this crime
When the enemy lies deep within
It seems only a matter of time

No longer do we war for land
Or strive for tribe or nation
We’re fighting ideologies
A totally new sensation!

His creed, not concrete
His fight online
He wars to end oppression
By oppressing those who stole their oil
And fed them just the breadcrumbs

No WMD, Kalashnikov
Can inspire such fear and dread
As a concept that can propogate
From a laptop while in bed!

No armed force thrust or allied strike
Can decapitate this notion
For a thought that gains and slowly builds
Is gathering in motion

How do I respond that so many
Were involved in Parisian slaughter?
Do I abandon all religion?
Throw the baby out with the water?

Do I take up arms, retaliate
Become more cruel, more ruthless?
Or would eye for eye and tooth for tooth
Just leave us blind and toothless?!!

Or do I say
There’s better ways,
And turn the other cheek
And pray sincerely that one day
Each one will truly seek
And hold out hands of forgiveness though they be charred and burned
A love which gives sacrificially when nothing has been earned.

P J Deakin 14 November 2015 ©

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