Don’t Forget To Charge Your Phone!

Each night before I climb into bed
I charge my phone
For the time it stole from my family and friends
I charge it for the times when I’ve failed to make amends

Why bother talking anymore?
When texts are dull
And Snapchat poor
Just “like” their latest FB post
Then everyone will “like” you the most!

Facebook has its very own casebook
Of folks who’ve forgotten how to communicate
Without a #lols pink heart smiley face,
How can we possibly keep up the pace?!

You see that beauty every day on the train
Come winter or summer, come sunshine or rain
Yet you’ve never said “hi, what’s your name, where you from?”
This strange world we’re living in is 50 shades of wrong!

Rather than actually talk to her
(The thought just makes you blush!)
You send a text to Metro for tomorrow’s Rush Hour Crush!

Without your #selfies
Spooling memes and laddish banter
Your bravado on the morning train
Is as flat as fortnight old Fanta!

So when you get into bed tonight
Don’t forget to charge your phone!
Charge it for opportunities lost
For friendships never found
Charge it for the people you could have given a smile to
As you travelled the underground.

Who would want to talk to a real human being
When streaming is all in HD?!
Who bothers to talk to their neighbour
When the world is craving to see
Your endless conveyor of selfies and salad
And that vid that they took of that old Top Gun ballad
You were killing on Friday…
(But not in a good way!)

Is it me or is it weird
That your hipster style beard
Has developed its own Facebook following?
And the time you spend just wallowing
In sycophantic hyperbole is better spent,
Indulging in some pointless comment
Than actually going somewhere exciting
Than living a life that’s truly inviting?!!
Not just “checking in” and taking a pic but being there
Breathing the air…

Live and unplugged
Your life is full of acoustic opportunity
To step out of obscurity
To kill the rat, to leave the race
To feel the fear and turn and face
The world in glorious technicolor
With sunsets and rainbows
And sunshine and showers
With laughter and tears
Barbed wire and flowers

Embrace the emotion of being alive
And break from the bondage of having to strive
To compete with the Instagram/Facebook/Vine vibe.

So charge your phone
If you’ve any sense
You’re more than entitled to some recompense!

P J Deakin 2015 ©

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