Indelibly etched upon my soul
Are the sights and the sounds of that mystic isle
Her mountains and vales so wild and free
Like you were back then when you first fell for me
Our humble little shepherd’s croft all hidden, small and snug
Like the tiniest shoot of the tiniest love that has only just started to bud
Majestic, the purple crag soars high above our heads
And watches over each of us as we cuddle up in bed
Tranquility, Catacol, the sea makes not a sound
The solitude, broken as oystercatcher’s plaintive cry within the bay resounds


Loud and clear, another cry
With piercing pitch on pinions high
The lofty creature rides the sky
The mighty eagle sees all, knows all, wears his crown
Above him clouds of eiderdown
Like candy floss they spin a maze Yet lazily on Summer days…

Remember how we chased the sun to watch him sink behind Kintyre,
His cloak of gold adorned the sea before our very eyes
And laid it like a golden road that leads to paradise

The emptiness of that small isle
That lonely, squeaking swing
I truly wish that you and I could be back there again
I wish we could return
To floating rocks that came so close
Inquisitive, shining seals
Your hand in mind when climbing high
As mist unfurls and Goatfell’s peak reveals
The crispest taste of mountain stream
The doe that came that night to drink
As we embraced and turned to face the wonder
Relaxing on the sandy beach without a thought of thunder
And watch as nature makes his shapes with silence we revere
A single cloud on mountaintop is there then disappears!


I love my isle, I love my girl, I love her strength and beauty
I love that she serves graciously without a sense of duty
I love my girl with all my heart I love her to the core
And memories that I’ve spent with you I’ll treasure evermore!

P J Deakin 2015 ©

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