Turn the other cheek

I can’t believe that people can read what the Bible says, written so poignantly and blatantly and still try to justify their own actions.

Turn the other cheek means just that! Bless those who curse you, don’t repay evil with evil…
As a Christian nation, America had an opportunity to do the right thing in the aftermath of 9/11 but instead Dubya just used it as an opportunity to finish what his Dad started by bombing Iraq in retaliation.

In bombing Iraq, Bush created a power vacuum, the consequences of which we are still facing in the Western World today.

The IRA was formed to protect the common man from the colonising British who stole all of their best land!

ISIS has arisen from within a disenfranchised minority who have seen clearly that all Dubya wanted was revenge!(and oil!)

This incredible article has recently emerged about an artifact discovered in the rubble of 9/11…

9/11 Bible

The consequences of not turning the other cheek have so far proven to be catastrophic! We must continue to pray for our Leaders and for our nation.

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