Body Image

I have just watched a video interview with Demi Lovato talking about her struggle to overcome body issues.

That she has overcome those issues, great!  That she celebrates it by posing nude for Vanity Fair?! Not great! 

Sure, so you wait till you have a beach perfect body and then pose naked??!  All you have done is to reinforce the body issue issue to millions of young girls who will NEVER look like that and so feel ugly, less worthy or like they are obliged to buy more clothes or more make up or spend thousands redesigning themselves when the real issue is not what is outside but what is inside!

We are God’s workmanship, his poiema in the Greek, it literally means poem!  We are a crafted worked of art expressing His creativity, uniquely to the world through our bodies!

I have to say, Demi Lovato, I am disappointed. You had a great opportunity to demonstrate that the body is more than the skin, that it’s not about being sexy, but about loving the skin you’re in, flaws and all and acknowledging that oiled up naked perfection is not what made you happy but learning to love yourself!

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