Grace/ I wish

I wish that I could take your place
Instead of watching helplessly
As each day you run the human race
And stumble as they trip you

I wish it was my face they’d taunt
About it being thin and gaunt
I wish it was my ribs they bruised
My name they called, me they abused

Instead of being my sweet Grace
My Darling daughter’s smiling face
Who tries to brave the worst of storms
When hair is pulled and hopes are torn.

I’d walk that road all over again
To see you never suffer pain
The anguish and the fear you feel
I know must be so very real.

But life goes on and you will grow
And voices loud will fade and though
You feel like you’ll not ever be free
I promise one day you will be!

My joy, my heart belongs to you
Your voice as sweet as nightingale
Arrayed in gown of gold and white
My Princess fair my princess pale

Unmerited favour from on high
That’s what your name means
My sweet Grace
And I could not deserve
A greater honour than being in this humble place
And loving you as Fathers should
With all my heart with all I could!

P J Deakin 2015 ©

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