Limbo Land

In cardboard cities, huddled tight
These broken folk you’ll find
Their war-torn land a gnawing thought
In the back of their terrified minds

Atrocities made them to flee
Syria, Eritrea, Darfur
And all the papers want to know
Is what are these immigrants there for??!

They fled the flag of tyranny
That blazed throughout their lands
And walking, swimming, risking all
They came to limbo land

The Franco port is overfull
With refugees they say
And yet the xenophobic press
Says “send them on their way!”

Bold and large the print says “Scum!”
And tars them all with bristle brush
But they are children, men and women
People just like us!

Their homes a distant memory
Destroyed by cruel oppressor
Yet now they sit awaiting fate
From bureaucracy’s aggressor

Why came they to this distant Isle
What brought them to this kingdom
The knowledge of our charity
The hope and life we’d bring them

Charity is an old word
It’s meaning, to be official
Is a generosity of heart,
A love that’s sacrificial

Yet we look at paycuts
and upon our own tax rises
From within our brick and mortar home
With TV’s of all sizes

We think that somehow we’re hard done
We say “it’s my human right”
But half the world has not a meal
And hardly strength to fight.

Yet in these dark and dismal times
A candle gently glows
For here within such suffering
Equality it grows!

For no man is above another
Each man’s neighbour is his brother
For despite the trials they have come through
They know one thing, how not to do!

How not to treat a fellow man
How not to make him flourish
Enlightenment of this small truth
Has served to give them courage!

For mosque and church stand side by side
Within the Calais jungle
And whether they asylum find
Or officers still bungle

They’ve found a prize worth more than gold
A wise and crucial lesson
That to be and live and give and love
Is a message to be passed on.

P J Deakin 2015 ©