Men Don’t Talk 

I’d talk it over with my mate,
But men don’t talk,
I’d tell him things ain’t been so great,
But men don’t talk!

We chew the fat each Saturday,
And watch the Sky Sports football game,
But men don’t talk

We tell about our stressful jobs, While swilling beer in gastro pubs,
We talk about our new extension, Our cars, our plans but fail to mention

Your relationship is on the slide, Your wife she’s asked what’s on your mind,
And you just shrug and say “nothing!”
Cos men don’t talk!

Inside you’re screaming for a chat About something more than who’s in bat,
A heart-to-heart, a “bear your soul”
Cos deep down you’ve been growing cold.

Your work has meant you’re out till late,
And though she understands,
You feel the tension as she waits, And shelves her social plans

You want to tell her how you struggle
To resist the urge to bend and buckle,
When pretty girls take time to ask How you are feeling, “someone at last!”

You’re vulnerable when tired and low
To advances and you can’t say no, To drinks that help you to forget, That men don’t talk and yet and yet…

You’re bearing soul one with another,
It feels like she could be your lover!
She understands, she keeps you sane
And so you share your deepest pain

And so because you didn’t share, Your doubts and fears “cos they won’t care,”
You’re sitting lonely in a room Surrounded by the dark and gloom

Of broken marriage, kids heartbreak
You made your most stupid mistake You thought you were the only guy Who struggled with a wandering eye

It wasn’t even about the sex!
The fact was that you’d rarely text,
So when she came along with joy The weary man became a boy!

Yet now your only thought is home, Of chances missed, of kids who’ve grown,
“Watch from a distance, keep away!”
Their body language seems to say

The joys and woes of family,
The endless trips to A&E,
Even Asda trips were much more jolly,
When not a basket but a trolley

It’s not that hard to speak your mind
And if you do I’m sure you’ll find A man who struggles just like you To do what he’s supposed to do

To be the man, hold it together Not drop your guard or loose your tether
But speaking up, I can report, It’s good for men to truly talk!

P J Deakin 2015 ©

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