A Story of Grace – Day 6

Romans 8 v 6

“So letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace.” ‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:6‬ ‭NLT‬‬

This passage expands the thought that being out of control ultimately leads to death.  There was a song around in the 90’s called Runaway Train by a band called Soul Asylum.  This song says it better than I can…

For all of the rebellious attitudes we may have in our teens and twenties, ultimately what most of us really want is Life and Peace.

Not the airy fairy 60’s hippie Peace…  But real peace.  I heard someone once say that ‘Joy is Peace dancing, and Peace is Joy at rest’ 

The truth is you can’t be joyful if you don’t have peace, and you can’t truly be peaceful if you don’t have joy.
Joy is not a bouncing-off-the-ceiling kind of inane Barney The Dinosaur happiness! It is a contentment which comes from knowing who you are and what you were made for.

The only way to really get to grips with that truth is to get to know the Maker.

There was once a farmer who had become too old to manage the farm.

Much to his disappointment, he knew he had no option and so he called the agent to come and value the farm so he could put it on the market.

When the agent came round he measures out the various acres of arable farmland, he viewed the farmhouse and finally he came to the outbuildings.

Ramshackle and rusting, these outbuildings had seen better days. The corrugated iron roof had long since fallen in and most of the old agricultural machinery had corroded beyond any useful purpose.

As he came round to the back of the building he saw an old rusting chassis of a vehicle. The tyres had given up the ghost years earlier and a startled cry from a cluster of hens showed what the vehicle was now being used for.

The agent, an elderly man saw though a glint of silver which gave him pause of thought. As he lingered he took his coat sleeve to the bonnet and discovered a bright silver lustre still lay hidden under the years of dirt, grime and neglect.

As he worked his way round to he front of the car, he noticed that there was a familiar shape under the oily tarpauline. He couldn’t quite reach but he saw enough to convince him to speak to the farmer.

He went to see the old boy up at the house. What the agent said to him amazed the wizened old farmhand. The agent said, “Mr Brownlow I want to buy the car in the old barn!” 

Without letting him respond the agent continued, “I will pay you a million pounds!!”

Flabbergasted, the Octogenarian wiped his brow with his calloused hands.  Hands that had tilled the ground ever since he had been a boy.  How he had admired his Father with his shovel-sized hands his strength and his courage.  Now he stood in the shadow of his long-gone Father, a man past his best.  And the farm which had taken the best of him was now finally beyond his strength to cope.

As the words continued, he stuttered… “But, why?! It’s just a chicken coop! What could you possibly want with a chicken coop?!”

He threw back his head and laughed an empty laugh that no longer knew what it is to be happy. 

“A million pounds?!!!”

Finally, the agent pulled a chair and sat in the presence of this wise old man of the field. “That chicken coop is worth millions! I am not just an agent,” he continued. “I am antique car collector in my spare time and I am certain that what you have got rusting in that shed out there is a first edition Rolls Royce Silver Ghost!”

“That was my Dad’s old car!” Blurted the old Farmer, the years peeling away as he reminisced of Summer days gliding through country lanes in the Grand Duchess, as his Father had called it.

When his Dad had broken his knee, he had never been able to drive it again. And the joy had turned to anger as he had it locked up in the shed, a treasure he could no longer enjoy, or cherish…

In all of the years of toil, the younger Farmer had forgotten all about the car, assigned to the annals of history…

Yet here was a man telling him that the bringer of such joy in his childhood had a greater value today, than ever!

I wrote this story to illustrate the value that we all have in God.  The Bible says   “We are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which He created in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

Without a revelation of God’s divine purpose, we are making ourselves into chicken coops! We were designed to be Rolls Royces, each one of us! 

In fact, the workmanship word used here, comes from the Greek word ‘poiema’ literally poem!  As a poet, being called a poem is like the biggest compliment ever because when I craft a poem it is to express my deepest emotions, I take time to give it balance, rhythm, rhyme and synergy. You, are God’s poem! You, are God’s Masterpiece!

It’s easy to settle to for the chicken coop, it fulfils some kind of purpose, but it’s not what you were made for, and that is why we need to communicate with the maker!
If you have prayed every day of your life, or if you have never prayed before, pray this prayer tonight:

“Lord, Phil tells me that you made me to be a masterpiece, I haven’t always understood my purpose. 

Please reveal to me my purpose and reveal yourself to me as the Creator, in a new and incredible way demonstrating to me your love and care as you restore to me a revelation of my original purpose. 

Lord Jesus I’m sick of trying to do things my way, show me your way.


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