A Story of Grace – Day 5

Romans 8 v 5

‘Those who are dominated by the sinful nature think about sinful things, but those who are controlled by the Holy Spirit think about things that please the Spirit’. New Living Translation

Who is in the driving seat?

If we allow our selfish desires to control what we look at, watch, think about or do, we are no longer in control of the direction of our lives. Like when I stood at the crossroads in my life, there are just two roads, One that leads to hope and life and freedom and one that leads to despair, loneliness and ultimately, death.

It may seem exciting to not be in control, to let someone or something else take the reins but ultimately to not be in control is to be out of control. To be arrogant, selfish, hateful, vile, crude, murderous, unfaithful…  these are not desirable qualities yet the enemy gift wraps it in naked flesh and pretty ribbons and before we know it, we find ourselves a long way from Kansas!

Being controlled by the Spirit does not mean that we have no control. Ever since Adam ate the apple it has been evident that the one thing God has chosen to exert no control over is our free will.  It is for this reason that Christians are able to sin, and that people who have known the very real touch of God on their lives are able to walk away…  He won’t force you, He wants you to choose Him!

I have two children, I don’t want to force my faith on them, I want to show them what I believe and how it is changing me, and trust that one day they will choose the right way for themselves. Also, I wouldn’t dream of forcing or programming them to love! Where would be the joy of a hug when you return from work, if they were just following some pre-set protocol?!

But by allowing the Spirit who lives inside me to gently nudge me and guide me (through my conscience) towards ways which are less selfish, judgemental, hateful and rude I am ultimately more content as a person!

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