A Story of Grace

Romans 8 v 1

I’ve been feeling for a while that I should take a verse-by-verse journey through Romans 8, giving considerable  thought and contemplation to the passage one verse per day. Let’s journey through the chapter together and see what God teaches us!

Today’s verse: ‘Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus…’ (‭Romans‬ ‭8‬:‭1‬ NIV)

Someone wise once taught me that if you see the word “therefore” find out what it’s there for!

In the chapter before there is the famous line,  ‘that which I want to do, I don’t do, and that which I shouldn’t do, I do!’ Which basically refers to the battle you and I face between the desires of our spirit and the desires of our flesh, our sinful, human nature.

But Paul ends the passage by saying “but thanks be to God who delivers me through Christ Jesus!”  Whatever our struggle, Christ has overcome it for us. We need not struggle or wrestle with temptation as likely we will be pulled down and distracted by it. Rather, we should acknowledge the victory Jesus achieved on the cross and declare His victory over our circumstances!

When we fail it is easy to feel judged and condemned by Satan and by those we have let down. But! Paul writes Therefore! (Because of the victory Jesus has gained) there is now (since the cross) no condemnation (no penance, no grovelling, no maybe if you keep your nose clean for six months!!) for those that are in Christ Jesus! 

Hallelujah! Jesus’ victory means we are Justified! The meaning of this word is amazing, it literally means “just-as-if-I’d-never-sinned!”

What, never? Not even a white lie? Nope! Never! In Isaiah God tells us “though your sins are as scarlet, I will make them white as snow!”  Isaiah 1:18

What a promise! This promise is for everyone, and more importantly, it is for you!

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