Summer Storm 

Cumulonimbus, Large and grand and ominous,
Gold yet dark,
Featherlight yet heavy with promise.

Blacker skies come suddenly,
Dark as oldest hickory,
Shrouding bright and blinding light
With unimaginable trickery!

Birdsong all becomes a hush,
As furtively the front rolls in, Anticipate electric rush
When sounds the cry of lightning!

As dry July all holds its breath, No murmur or a mumble
But shattering the interlude
Comes deep and awesome rumble!

I turn my eyes towards the skies, Increased anticipation,
As softly now I feel my skin
Wet with precipitation

Slow at first, the drops enlarge As sound of rainfall patters,
I feel my shirt begin to cling
Not thinking that it matters

The heat of just a breath ago
Is gone, replaced by showers,
And though I’m saturated now
I could stay like this for hours

But suddenly as it arrived,
The weather is abated As Western wind drives ever forth
Blue skies appear, they waited!

Like silent sombre sentinels
These awesome monsters flee!
And all of nature joins in song
In joyful symphony!

Where mighty strike unleashed its worst
The golden cock on church tower swings
And rising high above the earth
A solitary skylark sings!

The sweet fresh smell of meadow grass
Replaces scent of thunder,
And wing and whiskers reappear With curiosity and wonder.

P J Deakin 2015 ©

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