Reversed Polarity

“I’ll be needing a shirt!” I said to she,
Presumptively, assumptively, (Gazzumping any plans she had for fixing up the kids their tea!)

“You know the one I bought last month,
The one that makes me like a hunk! All tailored with a double stitch…”
So off she goes to scratch my itch.

“Have you seen my keys?!” I used to yell
Instead of looking I would tell Her where I thought I’d left them last.
And everyone would feel my wrath

My insecurities, you see, went deep,
You cannot rest you cannot sleep Instead you lord it over all. Because you feel so very small

I blamed these feelings on my past,
I thought these feelings wouldn’t last.
I had no Dad but just a Mother,
I was like an inverted Pink Floyd cover!

Without the rainbow or the prism, Just my sophisticated chauvinism Reversing the polarity, With deep-set insecurity.

Chauvinism, Show-off ism shoving, Showing Chauvinism, But not much like that crystal prism.
Because her light I don’t refract, Instead of giving I subtract,
My attention seeking antics only serving to detract
From loyalty in royalty
The princess that she’ll always be.

P J Deakin 2015©

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